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Creo Optic Becomes One of the First Female-Led Turkish Eyewear Brands to Go International

Summary: Creo Optic has been growing steadily in the Turkish eyewear sector since 1982. Now

being led by second-generation owner Feray Tunc, the company is gaining international recognition.

(Birmingham/02.2023) – Creo Optic was founded in Turkey as an optical retailer in 1982. As the years went by, the family-owned company expanded into other arenas and also began manufacturing its own line of high quality eyewear. Now running under the supervision of second generation owner.

Feray Tunc, Creo Optic has become one of Turkey’s top female-led eyewear brands. Feray Tunc has leveraged her optical expertise, and paired it with her unique business model, in order to launch Creo Optic in the international market. A spokesperson for Creo Optic made an official press statement to discuss Feray Tunc’s work.

The Creo Optic team feels proud to be led by a strong and successful female business owner such as  Feray Tunc. She combines her entrepreneurial mind with her immense experience/education as an  optician, in order to constantly innovate and take Creo Optic to new heights of success.

Creo Optic recent Gio Mia line of eyewear is a testament to the company's mission for innovation and quality. This new line of eyewear introduces the future of eyewear, and it is fully geared to capture a global clientele.

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